About Me

I am an imperfect

LADY who often sits with my legs open

WRITER most productive in my unwritten thoughts

RISK TAKER disinclined to back-up plans

INDIVIDUAL who put the “can” in American

MOTHER of 3 haughty angels…

I am a perfect perversity

But most importantly I am true to me!


name Sharee Chicky

Things I need on a daily basis
Lip Gloss:
Cell Phone:
My Children:

published books: Panties In the Right Hand

email chicky412@gmail.com




One thought on “About Me

  1. Hello Sharee!
    I just took a little walk around your blog, and I think what you’re doing is worth a praise.
    Okay, I have to say this- I’ve never had the opportunity to visit the place that Scarlett O’Hara too grew up in, however, I must admit that Georgia holds a unique place in my heart.
    Have a pleasant day, Lady Sharee!

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