pronounced /pər/

When panties are worn panties get torn.
On a good night,
I step over them as I stumble out of bed the morning after and hold my laughter. I caught them with a quick glare to the right side of my bed while walking to the bathroom with a blank stare. I imagined them here or there. On the bathroom floor after a long hot shower. On the top of the dryer. I stumbled across them after lunch. When I reached for my lip gloss in the bottom of my pocket-book.  After I got a wedgie three times in my 9 am meeting; I paused. I had a PIRH moment. I stumbled across them one morning while I put my daughter in her car seat in the back of the car. The lining was making noticeable imprints in my tight black cocktail dress the night before, so I had another PIRH moment.I stumbled across them in the inner folds of my umbrella one spring afternoon submerged in water up to my patella. Preventing any oncoming sickness, I immediately removed my bra, my outfit, my shoes, and had yet another PIRH moment.

Thinking back to my shopping experience in Maryland, I ask myself, “When the rain snuck up on me at that outdoor mall, why didn’t I just throw my panties in the bag along with my bra and all of the other wet clothing?”  I know I am not the only one that has PIRH moments!

Ladies, where is the most awkward situation you have stumbled across your panties?  I know I’m not the only one.